Jeep Commander upgrade plan

Most people lift the SUV but don't drop it lower. In the past few years, many off-road vehicles have been modified in order to lift their bodies. feeling cool when you see a 4 or 6 inch lifted vehicles passing by.Larger tires,higher suspension make you feel heart beat.

After a period of transition, the off-road vehicles modification has now become rational, practical, and comfortable.
It is unrealistic to use the raised body to improve the vehicle's passability. The height of the rise is only a number, more to test the reliability of the shock absorber and the spring, and there is another important data, that is, GVM ( Gross Vehicle Mass), GVM directly affects whether the conversion kit matches the vehicle.
In addition to the vehicle models, the modification shop will also ask if your vehicle has a bullpen front bumper and whether it is equipped with a winch. Finally, the weight of the car is used to determine how much it can rise and which kits to match.

Pulling a bit far, this Jeep commander is the protagonist. This car has been in use for more than ten years, and the strength and height of the suspension are significantly reduced. We have replaced all the suspension kits for OME, which is not complicated at all.

New stronger springs.

New shocks

The shock absorber replacement is complete, and finally, a few words, it is really important to maintain your own shock absorbers regularly.