Land Cruiser 200 upgrade

Today’s case is Toyota LC200. As one of the best SUV for long distance traveling, it is almost perfect already. So the modification plan for us is to lift the body and strengthen the chasis.

The shock absorber we chose is from K-MAN. It has a 3 level adjustable shock with anti-roll function. This product is well used in professional competitions like long-distance 4X4 rally. The red spring is from Eibach.

Differ from other K-MAN’s products, we can see 2 adjustable valves, marked in red and black.

The rear shock absorber has a skid plate itself, which can protect the piston rod. The spring is from OME.

ISTECH sway bars are not only for good-looking, but to enhance the stability when high-speed driving and steering. This is essential for the large-scale car like LC200.

A complete skid plates system can guard your chasis for sure.

The 285/60R18 BFGoodrich AT tires with TRD rims, fresh look choice.

Enhanced brake discs and brake shoes, with the complete sway bars, which you can tell the owner really loves the long distance travel.

The front bumper is original, but we added a LED light bar in the car grill.

The rear bumper is designed to integrated with oil drum rack and spare tire carrier. It is easily operated with the help of hydraulic rod.

Both the oil drum rack and the spare tire carrier can be opened separately

Also, the hydraulic rod is installed so that it does not shake or hurt the hands.

Open the rear door where you can find the ARB modular drawer systems.

The ARB compressor is fully integrated in the engine room.

The front sand block can change the direction of the air at a certain speed, which can lead the sands avoid from the hood and windshield.

The center console is equipped with a touch screen, Android system, navigation, reversing images, watching movies, listening to music, etc.