TIBUS Portal Axle

This Mercedes-Benz G 4*4 with TIBUS Portal Axle installed was lifted  at least 5 inches.

In addition to installing the TIBUS Portal Axle, you can choose new tires and wheels to further enhance the body. Normally, if you change the large size tires, the Half Axle and the steering system will be affected, but the TIBUS Portal Axle can be perfectly matched with the original car Half Axle.

In addition, the reduction gear on the portal axle can adjust the torque to control the large size of the wheel, while also sharing the load of the engine, transmission, differential.

It is very easy to control this modified car, and the OEM electronic damping system, ABS, TCS and other electronic devices can work normally.


In February 2018, AT officially became the general agent of TIBUS Mercedes 4*4 Portal Axle

Models: Mercedes-Benz G500, Mercedes-Benz G55, Mercedes-Benz G63