First time to participate Alashan 4*4 Off-road Festival

        On October 1, 2017, the 12th Alashan 4*4 off-road Festival of the off-road e-group officially began. AT is a powerful off-road refit brand. Of course, we are very confident in coming at the first time.

        AT has a wealth of experience in off-road modification. AT used to be a military auto parts manufacturer. Later, we created the AT brand. After a long period of research and development of auto parts, this time we took our own products and modified vehicles join into 4*4 off-road competition.
        This time we showcased our own development and production of off-road conversion kits, including control arms, body armor and portal axle. Especially the Jeep Wrangler with the portal axle installed is very rare. In order to provide better service for off-road enthusiasts, we brought our own modificate team here and are very popular in the Alashan 4*4 off-road competition.

AT and China's largest FJ cruiser modified club jointly established the "Flight Army" camp, the logo of AT is printed on the top of the three huge tents is our camp. In addition, two teams from the T3 Desert Challenge successfully completed the competition, respectively, with 43 and 49 respectively, including a Wrangler with AT's self-developed portal axle. There is also the Nanjing Songda Club, which participated in the stone pile climbing competition. The Wrangler with the AT portal axle won the 18th place.

Complete the T3 Challenge and return to the camp

Participate in the stone pile climbing competition

AT's off-road peripheral products and agency brands products are also on display at the same time. T-shirts, hats, coats, stainless steel cups and stickers with club LOGOs are attracting off-road refit enthusiasts to watch. In the afternoon, there are many fans who come to our camp. There are more than thousands people who bought cross-country products, check and replace auto parts, consult the modified price, and ask for cooperation .